Alice (Sandrene Mathews)

A strong willed and independent woman who puts great value in her relationships with others. A bit of a tomboy. The oldest of three, she has always been a natural, if not reluctant, leader. Her tendency to attract guys who need to be taken care of has lead to her having a series of short lived relationships.


Brett (Hunter Overby)

An expert marksman, Brett is also a very gentle, empathetic soul. He is very opinionated and not afraid to express it. Supports many rights groups, and is a bit tortured by his role in the group. Brett is also somewhat of a nerd.


Cindy (Jess Warman)

Highly energetic. Walks with a bounce in her step, as if she's always prepared to go on the offense. Has a very big personality that tends to prompt people to make quick judgements about her. She was always a little too straight-forward to fit in with the popular kids and too well known to be trusted by the outsiders.


Jason (Brandon Davis)

The guy every girl crushes on, and knows it. With brains and brawn, Jason has a bit of an ego, but is not conceited about it, and his light-hearted nature makes him likeable, even by those who try not to like him.


Jemma (Sejal Mehta)

Incredibly shy. Although she's an attractive and talented girl, she has a hard time seeing it in herself, and almost never accepts it when people compliment her. The exception is Alice, who she views as an older sister figure and has a great deal of respect for.


Logan (David Joel Stevenson)

Smart and charming, with primarily male friends. He is ambitious but not ruthless and has a very caring heart. Generally well-liked by everyone.


Steve (Charlie Ridgely)

Steve appears to be an every man. He does not have particularly striking features or qualities that make him stick out in a crowd. Although not a push over, he is a people pleaser and has an agreeable way of putting ideas in people's heads but making them think it was their idea, not his. He's the type of guy that everyone likes but few take the time to get to know.