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Sandrene loves stories and hates cliches. A former child actress, Sandrene has spent the majority of her life in the creative world. Although often told she was too shy to be in entertainment, she repeatedly silenced and astonished the naysayers, performing on stage in leading roles in Hello, Dolly, Godspell and A Christmas Story, taking the lead in numerous PSAs filmed in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and competing in and winning a variety of vocalist, instrumentalist and dance competitions.


Her busy schedule led her to begin taking more behind the scenes roles, a job she quickly learned she also enjoyed. Over the years Sandrene has been a stage manager, director, photographer, cinematographer and monitor engineer. In addition to playing the role of Alice, she is also producing and writing Less Than Super, with an amazing and creative writing team.

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Growing up, David wanted to be four things: a musician, an author, an actor and a veterinarian. After many years of writing songs and poetry and landing whatever acting roles he could, he realized the common thread between three of his passions: stories.


Whether it was on a stage set to music, or read by dim light after the rest of the world slept, at the core of his expression was always the desire to tell a story. You only have about three minutes to have a beginning, climax, and end in a song. A book generally has at least two hundred pages, and a movie is about two hours, but you have to keep your audience’s attention. Either way, a good story will make the time spent observing worth it.


He gave up on being a veterinarian because he doesn’t like blood. But he does have a small farm.


Find out more about David at and make sure to check out his band Manic Bloom!


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Brandon spends his days producing and hosting at the number one comic book, movie, and TV news website, While attending college at the University of South Carolina, Brandon took up acting classes at the same time he began working as an entertainment correspondent for Fox News' Columbia, SC channel. Not long after graduating, Brandon moved to Nashville, TN for his work at, where he would also write and star in a feature film by the title of Shifting Gears and several other short films.


Brandon knew he enjoyed performing for others at a young age after performing on stage a handful of times in elementary school, followed up by wrestling and BMX hobbies. His sights are currently set on growing both his hosting and acting careers.


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Sejal is thrilled to be a part of Less Than Super. Sejal originally hails from eastern Tennessee and is now on her 4th year in the Nashville area. She considers herself very fortunate to be a part of such a supportive growing film and theatre community. When she is not acting, Sejal works as a pediatrician through her own company, Our House Pediatrics. Sejal loves playing soccer with her son and is absolutely awful at basketball.

Raised in rural Tennessee, Hunter Overby has spent his entire life preparing to be a performer. His childhood was mostly spent fighting invisible ninjas with sticks in the front yard and getting lost in the woods fighting epic battles and winning the hearts of many a fair maiden, while his adult years have been spent gaining as many eclectic skills as possible and, eventually, turning his focus to theatre where all of this can come together to give life to an array of eccentric characters. From playing Todd the Scottish Assassin in "Unnecessary Farce" to The Incorrigible Dorante in "The Liar to Lysander", Oberon, and Flute/Thisbe in "A Midsummer Night’s Dream", Hunter has had so many wonderful opportunities to play wonderful characters alongside some of the best casts and directors any actor could ever hope for and receive some of the best training imaginable.


Turning his gaze toward the world of film acting, Hunter is thrilled to be joining the cast of Less Than Super. No doubt this will prove to be, yet another, amazing experience with another amazing and talented cast and crew.

Hailing from Frederick, MD, Charlie Ridgely has always had the desire to create. Ever since starring in and helping co-write his middle school play "Jack and the Beanstalk Well, Almost" he has felt a deep connection with both on and off screen forms of performance. While not acting much in high school, Charlie's love for theatre was reborn after nabbing a role and the ensemble piece "Almost Maine" during is sophomore year at Carson-Newman University. Once this passion was reignited, he Charlie was cast in six more productions in his time at the school including "Leaving Iowa", "The Tempest", and his swan song performance as the infamous Juror #3 in "12 Angry Men". Throughout his years at CN, Charlie also starred in a couple of student shorts with some friends. After graduating, Charlie moved back to Maryland and took the next year to begin focus on writing. The result? Completing his first feature length screenplay "Cinema 12" (coming 2017). Now in Nashville, Charlie has his sights set on a very busy 2016, working on camera and in the writer's room here at Less Than Super and tying the knot to his longtime love, Morgan, on October 15.

Jessica Warman was born and raised in Canada before relocating to the United States in 2010 where she now holds a Permanent Residency in Nashville, Tennessee. She spent much of her youth on stage, performing with Community Theatre and competing in provincial singing competitions. She was accepted into the Peforming Arts program near Toronto, Canada, in 2009 where she spent the year enhancing her acting abilities, as well as singing, multiple forms of dance and technical aspects of theatre. She then moved on to study at The Actors Lab in 2011 and has made brief appearances in shows such as One Tree Hill and Nashville. She has recently been cast in two web series titled Less Than Super and The Awakening, which will be available to stream mid 2016.


Jessica has gained much of her acting experience taking on roles in various short films playing the love interest, a nurse and the quirky best friend. Her ability to emotionally invest in her craft and explore new ways of bringing a character to life makes her the perfect candidate for playing a wide range of roles. This is something that she will focus on in 2016 while also searching for proper representation to further her career in acting.


Jessica's hobbies include singing, reading, writing, and Rugby. She has a passion for photography, both behind the camera and in front of the lens, as well as a strong love for animals and environmental conservation. Though her interests are vast, Jessica continues to pursue even bigger acting opportunities and hopes to find much success in the industry.


Facebook: /thejesswarman